senn - Facial Contour Bar

senn - Facial Contour Bar


Xiuyan Jade Facial Contour Bar is specifically designed to enhance your beauty routine by stimulating blood circulation and reducing inflammation. By lifting and sculpting your skin with this healing stone, you will reduce puffiness and restore skin firmness and elasticity. Use in conjunction with your favorite La Bhanga products around eyes, lips, face and neck to further penetrate into the skin. Reveal youthful skin while stimulating collagen. 

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Incorporate into your daily skincare regimen. For optimal results use as directed. Battery operated. Use morning and night after cleansing, before application of skincare. For maximum results use as an applicator for serums, eye, face & neck cream to further penetrate products into the skin. Clean in between uses to ensure reduction of bacteria transfer. Wash Jade portion of the bar and towel dry. Store in black bag for next use. Requires 1 AA battery.

Facial Use:

Start from center of face and use in an outward upward motion towards the ears. Use in between brows and on forehead moving in and upward direction towards hair line. Contour cheek bones by gently gliding the Facial Contour Bar in an upward and outward motion.

Eye use:

Place the Facial Contour Bar from the inner corner under eye area where the eyes and nose meet, and gently glide under the eye leading out to the temples. Use on orbital bone of upper eye lids by gently gliding in an upper motion.

Neck & Decolette:

Start from the collar bone of the decollate area and glide upwards towards the chin. Repeat until entire area of decollate and neck have been covered.


  • Improves circulation with 6,000 micro vibrations per minute, enhances skin tone, while stimulating the application of serums, creams and oils.

  • Reduces inflammation, puffiness, & smoothes fine lines & wrinkles around eyes, lips, forehead, face, neck & decollate.

  • Promotes lymphatic drainage to help eliminate toxics giving facial muscles the right amount of stimulation to contour and lift the skin.

  • Activate cellular rejuvenation promoting skin metabolism while Jade helps ease tension, stress and anxiety and restoring radiance to the skin.


  • Use in the morning along with Total Strengthening Serum & Renewing Youth Cream to de-puff, lift and contour face. Use with Eye Renewal Cream around eye area to further penetrate product into the skin.

  • Carefully detach Jade part of Bar by twisting off, place back in pouch and put overnight in freezer to create an extra cooling affect when using with morning 

  • Use when applying eye cream, facial serum and cream to enhance product penetration and contour affect to the skin.